Vice Principal Message (Bariatu)

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Learning takes place in schools or school – like environment or in the world at large.

In developing countries there is often little formal education, children learn from their environment and activities and the adults around them act as teachers. In more complex societies where there is more knowledge to be passed on, a more selective and efficient means of transmission the school and teacher becomes necessary.

Education is one of the important issues concerning the progress of the country as million are left behind in the race of development owing to the lack of education. Education today still remains a far cry for the children belonging to the under privileged classes, which awaits benefit of globalization and liberalization to trickle down.

This is education all about in PALM INTERNATIONAL “It is indeed very commendable thing that such a prestigious institution has been serving the society in such a glorious way, supplying great people, officials representative of high standing to our people”.

PALM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is successfully working on the Prophetic Model of Education. It is acclaimed for its quality of education. It is acclaimed for its quality of education that hears no favorable comparison with best institutions of a similar kind going beyond academic excellence, the school has established reputation in extra – curricular activities as well as its social outreach to the people in the neighborhood. PALM INTERNATIONAL still continues to pursue the Islamic values of “Providing for its children and education for the promotion of a well balanced perfection of the human personality”.

It gives me great pleasure in thanking Allah for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this prestigious institution. I pray to Allah, the teacher per – excellence, to enable all the members of PALM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, through their education at efforts to bring peace, propriety, productivity and pro-active relationships with out and all Insha Allah.

With sincere regards

Fazak Allah Wa Khair

Shagufa Rahman
Vice Principal
Bariatu, Ranchi
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