Assalamu Alaikum.

With the grace of Allah (SWT), Palm International School (PIS) is graciously stepping into the 8th year of its journey in the field of English Medium Islamic School, successfully working on the PROPHETIC MODEL OF EDUCATION. During this short but challenging journey many experiences have been gathered which are definitely of the rank to be shared by our Mission Partners. Alhamdulillah, we are adding one more class of Std IX to become 12 classes altogether (i.e. Pre Nursery, Nursery, KG & STD I to IX). I would like to share the experiences of this journey and InShaa Allah will try to present the pressing demand before the parents who are already with us and thepreparedness for those parents who are joining in the forthcoming session 2019-20.

Today we are living in an age of information whereanybody can access any information. But inspite of this the world civilization is in a sinking boat where it faces disastrous fate of the generation due to their moral & ethical crisis. Education is the solace for its rescue.

The education system based on IQ (Intelligent Quotient) has been accepted as the objective almost globally. But the theory of Multiple Intelligence (MI) introduced by Howard Gardener and the Emotional Intelligence (EI) of Daniel Goleman, added a new dimension in this field. Though these theories are in testing stage to become an educational base, but an education model based on MI and EI as the core concept, appears to be the future in education. Almost nine intelligences identified by Gardner and twenty seven emotions by Goleman in human beings are the findings may greatly help in grooming the kids in their school age. Tools and techniques developed by researchers to handle IQ. MI & EQ are in the nascent stage and threatened by the limitations of human understanding. At this juncture Goleman seeks help of religion. The Creator of all only can unveiled the mystery of creation. Rather we should assume that the complexities in the creation can only be explained by the Creator of the human being. Guidelines from the scriptures is the panacea for perfect understanding and handling the myth of the above mentioned theories and in turn may form the profound base of education. PIS since its inception in 2011 have adopted Quranic wisdom as the guideline for grooming of the children in the school. Further adoption of the above theories and afterwards work on the principles, tools & technique is paving the way to customize all in one educational model for grooming of the children. This act of ours will InShaa Allah elevate the kids as role model to be followed by others.

Join us in this mission. Brighten future of your childrenin this world and success in life hereafter.

Mahmud Alam
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