Dear Parents,

Assalamo Alaikum.

At times like this, when the world is badly hit by COVID-19 pandemic, lives being lost and lockdown throughout the world, we the PIS family is also at the crossroad. School is closed, students are away from learning and the teachers and the staffs are unable to communicate well. For the time being it appears that we may be relieved after 14th of this month. However, the actual impact as assessed by the experts, points towards a few more months of lockdowns, before the restoration of normalcy.

Having served the community for the past ten years, we are interwoven with you as a family member. We have taken every decision for the welfare and development of your wards as an inseparable unit of society. In the current scenario, we as an Islamic institution are well aware of the responsibilities resting on our shoulders. Crisis management calls for approaches different from those of normal management. Being united and considerate, showing compassion to the ones badly affected by the calamity, are of utmost importance now. Since its inception in the past, PIS has led the movement of providing quality education even when the resources were meagre, with many other schools in the state following its footsteps.

We all have to keep patience, build up a strong relationship with the Almighty, forget and forgive each other, repent for our shortcomings, and pray to overcome the situation and eventually earn success in Akhirah. Time and again we have stood in the face of calamities owing to the help of Allah (SWT). We at PIS stand for the Prophetic Model of Education where with Taalim & Tarbiyah, we are striving to bring transformation in our kids. Our strength is Imaan on Allah and parents are our companions. With this strength, we are committed to continue our journey. InshaAllah we will succeed.

We request you to respond to our call, keep watch on the School App and help us inspire your children in becoming the kind of leaders we as an Ummah, are in dire need of, perhaps now more than ever.

Mahmud Alam
Chairman, PIS

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