Throughout the ages world faced the crisis of men of character possess the quality of honesty, loyalty and caring for the society. Challenges for creation of wholesome personality had always been the greatest problem for the intellectuals and thinkers of the society. To find out motivational factors controlling development of positive character in the centre of personality had also been a problematic sector. Considering all these problems, there were two parallel schools of thoughts evolved as the viable solution. First one derived from the experiences of the human intellect and the second one from the divine source. The history witnesses the success of the divine source.

It is in view of this reality the DIVINE base has been adopted as the core thinking for the emergence of the future leader from our school. However, study at a far greater detail revealed the guidelines provided by Islamic religion with reference of Qur’an, revelations from the Almighty Allah and the book of Hadith, compilation of sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and brought into practise by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his Companions, is the historically proven authentic resources to be adopted as a tool of development. This we may term as the PROPHETIC MODEL.

Based on this ideology and faith we laid down the foundation stone for the PALM International SCHOOL. Not only we but the faith of the parents/guardians of our school children has heralded a new horizon in the educational field. It is our firm belief that Insha Allah with the cooperation and solidarity shown by you, we will write a new history in the field of education with the development of your children as GLOBAL LEADER capable to smartly handle the present and forthcoming challenges of the entire humanity. We are also confident that the adopted system of education in this school Insha Allah will pave the way for success in this worldly life (Duniya) and in the life hereafter (Akhirah).

Mahmud Alam
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