A. What do we teach?

We derive our teachings from Quran & Hadeeth targeting creation of personality like Sahabah (RA) & Sahabiat (RA) Targeting CBSE Board we follow CCE pattern
  • Arabic Language for Quran understanding
  • Tajweed
  • Doa & Hadeeth
  • Islamic Studies
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • GK/Social Science
  • Hindi/Urdu
GOAL: Creation of practising Muslim with knowledge base derived from Quran, Hadeeth, Seerat-un- Nabi & Seerat-us-Sahabah. GOAL: To create a wholesome personality who may excel in the field of knowledge & skill of the contemporary world.

B. Health concern:

We firmly believe that aiming to create a complete personality it needs an energetic health at its base. For proper development there should be schedule in life and food habit as per guidelines provided by our Prophet (PBUH). Whereas for action it requires braveness & capacity which comes from good habit, physical exercises through sports and Martial Arts.

C. Summer Camp:

For collective learning of Academics & Islam in addition to course modules and Fun for refreshment & rejuvenation, needs camping for 3-10 days in the city or out of city as per the availability of resources and affordable expenditure.

D. Outing:

To know the contemporary world out of classroom/book, exposure is necessary. For this purpose we plan once in a year of Educational Tour for gaining of Scientific knowledge and acquaintance of the Nature which Allah (SWT) has created for us.

E. Islamic Character Building:

Along with the knowledge provided in class room/assembly based on Islamic guideline derived from Quran & Hadeeth, we also design a curriculum and Activity Based Learning Modules (ABL) to transform the knowledge & learning into practises.

F. Parent Forum:

For overall development of the students they need learning and training at school so that it may be brought into practise in their whole life. This needs close monitoring by Teachers and Parents alike. This requires environmental support from conscious parents. We used to share our experiences & knowledge with the parents, provide the necessary moral & technical support to them and also incorporate the suggestions from parents in our teaching/training process wherever it suits us.

G. Teacher’s Orientation Program:

Teachers are the backbone of education system. For enrichment of knowledge, experimentation and updation of technique it requires interaction, sharing of experiences by the teachers and guidance from the competent faculties. In view of this orientation program are conducted in the school holidays and leisure time.

Course Overview

What We Are?

We are a group of people of different age and background. We worked in different fields in the professional life, experienced impact of Islamic values while practising and then dedicated ourselves for the empowerment of the humanity adopting education as the base. We aim to get success in this Worldly life and in the life Here after for the workers in the team and for those who becomes our Mission Partner.

Proud Of What We Do:

We are the luckiest persons bestowed by Allah (SWT). We are providing our dedicated services to the humanity derived from the Divine source the Book of Allah (SWT) and the illustrations provided by our beloved Prophet (PBUH), obviously is a matter of pride for ourselves.

How We Work:

Only one person with conviction initiated the work with his knowledge, ability and exclusively from his own resources. Other persons in touch were observing & interacting. After being convinced they also join hands with their resources in a dedicated way to get the eternal success. We all are motivated for commitment and sacrifice which is dominated over the selfish attitude. Team spirit, continuous involvement in R & D work, acceptance of encouraging world view and 24x7 working hour are the matrix of our work module.

Why We Do It:

Work in the field of education will provide us a steering tool which will promote the formation of an ideal society with increasing number of quality people. Moreover, to get success in Akhirah (the life Hereafter) which is our ultimate goal of life, will not be possible unless we please Allah (SWT). This requires doing right things (revealed by Allah), continuously with sincerity and serenity.

What Is The Result?

Commitment, sacrificing, honesty and transparency in work censored out of Allah fearing attitude of the team members are creating impact on the society. Parents are extending their co-operation, supporting their kids for growth and are in a more encouraging position to become our Mission Partner.

About Trainer

Most of the persons are achievers in their professional life, pious and target specific workers. Trainers from the Core Members create bonding among the total work force and engaged in gradual upgrading of skill and knowledge. However, further requirements are taken care of by the visiting faculties and participation in the training programs organised by external agencies.

Our Teachers

Teachers have been selected from the human resources available in the city. Selection procedure is based on the interview (Oral & written both), performance in the demo classes and monitoring in the 3 months probation period for the eligible candidate. Selecting the quality person in the affordable salary is our prime target.

Meet Our Founder

Mahmud Alam
Chairman (Palm International School)

With the grace of Allah (SWT), Palm International School (PIS) is graciously stepping into the 5th year of its journey in the field of English Medium Islamic School, successfully working on the PROPHETIC MODEL OF EDUCATION. During this short but challenging journey many experiences have been gathered which are definitely of the rank to be shared by our Mission Partners. Alhamdulillah, We are adding one more class of Std IX to become 12 classes altogether (i.e. Pre Nursery, Nursery, KG & STD I to IX).

Some Words from Parents

Management & Teachers Details

Mahmud Alam


Zeba Karim

Principal, Bariatu (Boys Section)

Lubna Minhaz

Principal, Bariatu (Girls Section)
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